About Us

Market View Consulting was created to provide resources and actionable plans that will help our clients achieve financial independence through robust advice, sound risk management, quality investment strategies, and efficient market guidance.

Justin Beavers is hard worker and determined investor. With almost a decade of experience in investing Justin has a deep understanding of the stock market and ways to the make strategies and systems accessible and understandable for all. Justin focuses on helping clients to create passive income and maintain the growth across sectors when it comes to their investments. With an extensive network of fellow investors and industry leaders Justin is excited to leverage this knowledge for clients and create access for a community that has not always had the tools to succeed in this industry.

Joshua Deshields is a stock market investor hailing from Baltimore, MD. He has been investing for 5+ years in mutual funds, ETFs, individual stocks, and options trading. Josh has a Bachelors degree in Business Education along with an MBA earned in 2017. He is also a Certified Financial Education Instructor. Josh’s passion for stock investing has led him to helping friends and family begin their journey into investing. He is a community advocate who believes this information is critical to the growth of our communities despite it being left out of public school curriculums. As a co-host on the Corporate Coke & Smack Podcast, his voice can be heard on many social platforms speaking about the importance of financial literacy and the solutions that can rid people of their financial problems.