Price: $5

These digital flash cards were designed to help new MVC customers get a feel for the terms and words used frequently on wall street. These MVC flashcards will help you understand Wall Street terms in the simplest way.

Flash Cards


Sick of Bills Package:

Price: $100

Includes stocks that will replace your monthly bills overtime. These stocks are owned by companies who operates your typical monthly bills.  

Taxable Package:

Price: $100

These municipal bond funds are TAX-FREE income funds. If you’re in a higher tax bracket, a tax-free income fund which contains tax-free municipal bonds from your state can be a wise investment strategy.

Retirement Package:

Price: $150

These ETFs, stocks, Roth IRA will help your portfolio diversify in a tax-advantaged account. This approach will generally give you the mix of growth and income that you need in order to meet your spending needs and sustain your portfolio over the long run.

Short-Term Package (Under 1 Year):

Price: $125

This is for the individual who is trying to make something “shake” over the course of the next 12 months. Of course it will come with more risk but with the right mix of growth stocks and a small allocation towards options, your goals are possible. 

Mid-Term Package (1-5 Years):

Price: $150

This collection will entail many stable companies but will also include mid-cap  companies who are more in the growth stage and still have an extreme amount of upside. An allocation of this sort will experience more risk but you will have the ability to capture the additional upside in

Long-Term Package (5+Years):

Price: $200

 This collection of mutual funds, ETFs, and stocks will be comprised of stable companies in which you are familiar with. Many of them pay dividends on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Reinvesting your dividends will help compound the growth of your assets. 

Options Package:

Price: $300

Options are a great way to hedge your portfolio. They are also great for stocks that are volatile in which you can make a nice amount of money if the stock moves in the direction predicted. Options simply give you the right but not obligation to buy or sell a stock.